Animal Crime Stoppers

Animal Crime Stoppers was launched in May 2003 for the purpose of networking with the Maui Humane Society and the Maui Police Department to highlight and solve cases of animal cruelty.

There is a connection between animal cruelty and human violence, Over the last generation, studies have shown the connection between serious and repeated childhood cruelty with animals and later, violence toward people. Animal Cruelty may be an indicator of serial murderers, domestic violence, and child and elder abuse.

This program was created to aid law enforcement in solving animal cruelty cases such as poisoning and needlessly killing animals, as well as use of animals in illegal fighting events. The Maui Humane Society investigates animal cruelty tips within their jurisdiction and gives feedback on the results of the cases received as tips.

A tipster may be eligible for as reward of up to $1,000 by providing information about a serious crime which leads to an arrest or solving of a cases. Tipster never have to give their name or testify in court.

The validity of the information received on the Maui Crime Stoppers line is checked by the Crime Stoppers Coordinator and then forwarded to the Maui Humane Society. If the crime involves cockfighting or dog fighting, the Maui Police Department is contacted.

The program is patterned after other Animal Crime Stoppers chapters nationwide.

Please call Maui Crime Stoppers at 242-6966 if you have any information.